The Junk Doggie Story

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For many years, I worked in the construction industry, putting my engineering degree to good use. I would come home after a long day in the office to tackle little repair projects around our house. As I took on more projects, word got out that I was a skilled handyman.

After helping out friends and family members with their home repair projects, I realized that I wanted to work with my hands full-time. I created Junk Doggie as a way to put my construction skills to good use in the community.

Today we offer extensive handyman and commercial junk removal services across Essex, MD & surrounding areas. If you need a debris removal service, rely on us. Call today to get rid of the junk on your property.

What is a Junk Doggie?

What is a Junk Doggie?

You might have noticed the black and white dog in our logo. That's Diablo! Don't let his name fool you - he is truly man's best friend. As a gentle soul and a loyal pup, we thought he was a great mascot for our brand.

We're known for our:

Honesty and integrity: You can count on us to treat your property with care.
Attention to detail: We won't rest until we complete your project completely and properly.
Affordable prices: At Junk Doggie, we work hard to keep our costs competitive.

When you need a local debris removal service, choose us. Contact us today to arrange for commercial junk removal services in Essex, MD or surrounding areas.